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Lemon-Aid, Inc.
Lemon-Aid skincare products are all natural and organic. Our products contain no paraben preservatives, urea, or alcohol. We use no man-made fragrances - only organic and pure ingredients all of which are Eco friendly and Vegan certified.

Our focus is on healthcare improvement in two major areas - skin care and pain relief using organic essential oils and herbs versus chemical and fragrance based solutions sold by all major cosmetic companies. We use no synthetic dyes or colors. A single man-made fragrance can have as many as 200 chemical ingredients, and one never knows when just one ingredient is working adversely with the skin and in some cases the immune system.

We add Green Tea Extract to our salt and sugar exfoliates as well as to our moisturizer and toner cream. It has been clinically proven that Green Tea Extract extends the life of the skin cell and has an anti-aging and anti-acne effect on the skin. Numerous benefits of Green Tea include the healing of Eczema and relieving many of the symtoms of Psoriasis.

Our DMAE line of face care that helps to improve and in some cases eliminate wrinkles includes the serum made famous by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. which we sell for $40 in comparison to other brands selling for as much as $250 for the same size. We encourage everyone to read Dr. Perricones book "The Wrinkle Cure".
The Super Series has a serum, moisturizer, and special eye cream. We have also added Lemon-Aid Vitamin Ester C Serum and the Ester C Cream. Perfect for sun and acne damaged skin. 
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                         United States Post Office Rates have changed!
 Because of the 15% increase, we will no longer be able to offer free shipping on $100 orders. We will have a fixed rate on $100 orders which will be calculated based on a 1 lb. 15 oz. rate which will represent a shipping loss to us.  They have discontinued the Region A, B, & C  boxes which forces us to use the medium and large flat rate boxes.  All shipments to the Mountain and Pacific zones have increased as well. 


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